Pass the Box

This year is an election year for not only the President of the United States, but more importantly, for the officers of the Rho Alpha House Corporation.  We are planning on offering the below slate of candidates:

House Corporation President:  Ethan Crockett (Current President)
House Corporation Treasurer:  Mike Meyrowitz
House Corporation Local Graduate:  Chuck Radford 

In addition, the HC has set up Chair positions that report to the elected officers:

Development/Fundraising Chair:  Jason Newcomb
Communications Chair:  John Tabb
Legal Consultant:  Jeff McMahan

These Brothers have offered to volunteer in these perspective roles.  If there are other Brothers interested in running for office or would like to serve in one of the chair positions, we would welcome their interest.  Additional nominations will be accepted at the meeting.  We encourage anyone interested in serving on the House Corporation or the BCA to contact Dana Hess or myself prior to Pig Dinner.

Speaking of the BCA, we will have more information coming on the officers that will be appointed by the Section Chief, Dana Hess, in the coming weeks.