Our Mission

The Rho Alpha Graduate Association exists to ensures the perpetuation of the Rho Alpha chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The Association shall fulfill this purpose by doing the following: 

  • Maintaining chapter housing
  • 􀂋Advising the chapter through the Board of Chapter Advisors (BCA) and Purple Legionnaire
  • 􀂋Promoting the involvement of graduate brothers with the Association and the chapter 

The Rho Alpha Graduate Assocation, which exists in name only, consists of two separate and distinctly unique organizations; The Rho Alpha House Corporation and Board of Chapter Advisors. The House Corporation is responsible for maintaining sufficient chapter housing for the undergraduate brothers of Rho Alpha and properly managing the their (House Corporation) finances.  The Board of Chapter Advisors ("BCA") is solely responsible for advising the undergraduate chapter in areas such as scholarship, recruitment, leadership, etc.  The BCA is also tasked with planning the chapter's Norris Pig Dinner each year.