Grad Spotlight: Drew Smith

Grad Spotlight: Drew Smith

Graduation Year: 2004
Profession: Sports Agent / Attorney
Hometown: Sterling, VA
Current Location: Round Hill, VA

What or who influenced you to join the fraternity?

John Tabb introduced me to FIJI and was really the influencing factor in becoming a brother. John was my roommate freshman and sophomore year, despite my reluctance to join a fraternity he always made it a point to invite me to the FIJI events. I eventually because good friends with a number of the brothers and my junior year decided it was time to pledge. 

What is the best FIJI memory you have as a graduate brother?

Probably coming back for the VT/Miami Football game in 2007. There were a lot of brothers in town and VT ended up winning 44-14, that was a really good day. 

How did FIJI shape your experience at Virginia Tech?

It made the VT campus smaller, it provided me with a group of people that I knew I could rely on, and helped fill my social calendar. My memories of my time at Virginia Tech are some of my most cherished, and most of them revolve, in some way, to my time and experience with the brothers of FIJI. 

How did FIJI contribute to your success later in life?

It gave me an instant business network, grad brothers were a wonderful source of knowledge and helped provide me with the advice and contacts that I needed to grow my business. 

What was your favorite place to hang out downtown?

 I was always a big fan of Hokie House. It was always a much more laid back spot, plus they had a Golden Tee game. 

Any fun stories from pledging?

My pledge class was one of the largest that Rho Alpha had ever had (20 pledges), at the end of the pledging period we were told that we were taking a trip to IHQ in Lexington, Kentucky. I can't reveal any secrets about the initiation process, but the experience at IHQ was tremendous.